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Tiffany Tarr, Vice President, Sales


Tiffany Tarr, CAS is the charismatic Vice President of Sales for DistributorCentral. Tiffany has 15 years of experience in B2B sales. Spending the last 10 years as a service provider for the promotional product industry at DistributorCentral, she cares about fixing professional pain points between distributors and suppliers. She is passionate about helping grow small businesses through DistributorCentral’s collection of free business tools for distributors.

Dave Shultz, Vice President of Operations


David Shultz has over 15 years of experience in the promotional products industry and is one of the original members of the software development team behind industry-leading technology firm, DistributorCentral, LLC. Today David serves as a member of the firm's executive team, providing leadership and strategic support to its software development, sales, marketing and customer support teams. He also works closely with key customers to help them implement technical solutions designed to streamline operations and drive revenue growth.

Heather Windler, Lead Software Specialist

Heather Windler

Heather Windler is DistributorCentral's resident website guru. Starting in the Product Support department 4 years ago, Heather has been instrumental in helping suppliers and distributors design their websites.

Alex Garcia, Software Support Specialist


Alex Garcia has a vast background that consists of 10 years in customer support and account management. His unique mix of being technical and customer centric makes him a key member of the Customer Support department at DistributorCentral.

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