About Us

We are an Awards & Recognition Retailer when many years of experience with Promotional Products industry. The Awards and Advertising Specialites Industries have been long overlapping into each other. So naturally we offer all of the products you would get from a local advertising agency, as we are a distibutor of all the same products and more. What sets us apart is the fact that we do engraving and imprinting in-house all day long. So we know the intricate details that a sales rep would not nessesarily know, as far as how the item is imprinted (what process, machines, artwork file specs, etc). by simply looking at a picture. We will be celebrating 45 years in the awards industry in 2018. Please feel free to browse this full featured product catalog website and remember that this is only 75% of the options. As there are so many suppliers in this industry and so many entering the industry monthly. Plus we have the unqiue ability to sometimes get a similar item from some of the suppliers and actually produce them in-house if need be.

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