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Thanks for visiting, Here you will find a vast assortment of items that can be customized with your logo or idea and really get your message out there in front of your customers. It's so easy for your clients to remember you when they use your product every day. As a distributor for so many fine Promotional products companies we can offer most anything you can imagine with your logo proudly printed on it. Have a look and let us know if you have any questions and we'll be more than happy to assist you along in the process. Thanks for choosing Body Cover Design. We really appreciate your business.

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Food and Edibles

Beverage - Private Label (100)

Breath Mints (1166)

Candy (13849)

Candy - Custom (1950)

Candy - Individually Wrapped (7165)

Candy Machines (142)

Cheese and Meat Products (81)

Chewing Gum (147)

Chocolate (10517)

Chocolate - Custom (8586)

Cocktail Picks / Forks (44)

Coffee Accessories (1767)

Coffee or Cocoa or Tea (327)

Cookies (540)

Food Gifts (13574)

Food and Beverage Products (7127)

Fruits (130)

Gourmet Foods (3348)

Hot Sauce (49)

Lollipops (2018)

Mint Tins (605)

Mints (1476)

Nutrition Items (159)

Nuts (734)

Popcorn (72)

Private Label - Beverage Cans / Bottles (25)

Seasonings or Spices and Condiments (51)

Snacks (2088)

Steak Accessories (16)

Sugar Packets (8)

Water (388)

Wines (146)