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Dynamic Marketing and Employee Solutions

...That WORK!

Whether you are in business for yourself, or run a company of several hundred employees, you have to Protect, Grow, and Market Your Business.

And, not only do you have to market your business to get and retain customers and accounts, you also have to "market" to your business to your staff, employees and, even to your leased and subcontracted staff.

Just as Insurance agents represent various companies, with different types of coverage to protect their clients... 

ElementsForBiz.com provides various types of ASSURANCE to help secure the success of YOUR business.

We offer systems and products, when used PROPERLY, will help YOUR business prosper.

Because, whether you acknowledge it or not, the productivity your staff directly affects your bottom line!

Our programs allow you to target your client directly, and also motivate your staff to work productively and safely.



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Voluntary or not, benefits are valued by employees.  

Benefits have been know to motivate the employees and make them more readily appreciate their employment.

And, benefits have also been know to keep the employee on the job and motivate an employee to take a position over one without the comparable benefits.

Our particular Benefits are not only unique, but allow your employees to take advantage of them on the first day they enroll!




Motivating Staff and other employees has shown to boost workers morale, and incents them to work together and more productively.

There are programs available to motivate any type of possible program! 




Have access to legal counsel "on staff" for a low monthly investment. Protect your family, your business and your employees.

Do you know what HIPPA, FACTA, and Gramm, Leach, Bliley are and how they can affect you and your business?

Also, Identity Theft:  You know that you can not prevent it.  But, you CAN minimize your risk to your company, employees, and your customers.

BUILD Your Biz:

Do you have questions about running your business, but don't want to hire a consultant just yet?



MARKET Your Biz:

Would you like to know how to keep in touch with your prospects and clients, doing something pretty unique, automatically, and for about $1.00?

Would you be interested in a marketing method that can get from FOUR to TWENTY TIMES the results of most direct mail marketing?

What if you could keep your name in front of your clients and prospects, to represent you when you are not with them, and have your clients and prospects thankful to you that you did this?

Feel free to review our website. We'll be happy to these and other services, and any other questions related to Protecting, Growing and Marketing Your Business.

Find out what many of your competitors and contemporaries have already discovered!


Trusted by over 7 million customers!