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Q: How long will it take to recieve my order?
A: Each supplier has a different production time. The production time starts  
    when the supplier has the approved artwork in hand. Then you  can 
    usually add about 5 days for shipping.

Q: What kind of artwork is acceptable?  
A: Our art department can produce camera ready art for the supplier for a
     small fee. Straight line type (just typed) can be faxed, but all other 
     artwork must be emailed or mailed with a hard copy of the art.

Q: When do we pay for the order?
A: Please contact us for details.

Q: Can you ship to PO BOX?
A: No, since our shippers require a physica street address and will not deliver
     to a PO BOX.

Q: Can I get a rush order produced and shipped?
A: It depends on the supplier, time of year, etc. So please contact us as
     soon as possible to give us as much time as possible. Any rush charges
     and expidited shipping charges will be charged to the customer.

Q: Do I get to see the artwork before it is actually printed?
A: Yes, we always fax you a proof of the artwork for your written approval
     which must be signed and returned to Greenhorn Marketing before
     production can proceed.

Q: If I have any other questions, who do I contact?
A: Please contact Greenhorn Marketing with any questions you may have.
     We are in a service business and our goal it to make your experience as
     profitable for you as possible. If you are not happy, you won't return or
     refer other clients to us. We are just like you. we need your business and
     for you to tell others about us.

Q: How do you handle the discounts for Churches?
A: It depends on the quantity and pricing, so please contact us for specific

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