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Saturday, October 21, 2017  


frequently asked questions - artwork


What kind of artwork do you accept for your custom magnets?

If you do not like our stock designs, we can work with any type of art that you provide us (digital or not); we can also custom design a magnet for your personal or business promotion.  However, digital artwork that is created correctly is the most important factor in an order to get a quality custom magnet deilvered to you quickly. 

Following are some guidelines of what makes a quality and error-free digital artwork. The three most important attributes in a digital artwork are (1) Image File Format , (2) File Resolution and (3) Font management.

File type and File Resolution- the preferred file formats are EPS or Adobe Illustrator vector file; which can be resized without losing quality. In addition, color changes can be applied to its elements quickly. Use any bitmap file (BMP, TIFF, PSD) at 1200 dpi grayscale for one color job or 300 dpi for four-color (process) job. We also accept PDF files saved using the “press settings” from Acrobat with fonts 100% embedded.

Font Management – 99% of all art problems are font related! If you are sending or Adobe Illustrator files, select ALL your fonts and convert them to outlines in order to avoid delays. If you are sending bitmap files, then your file does not contain any fonts.

As a last choice, we also accept application files such as Quark, Adobe InDesign and Corel Draw. However, we still advise you to send us EPS files as the preferred format.


Can you match a certain color? How do I tell you the color(s) I want to match?

A: Yes. We can color match your colors against Pantone Matching System (PMS); which is the most widely used. Just specify a PMS color (i.e. PMS 185 red). If you do not have a swatch book, just send us some sample of the color or call us and we will provide you the closest color.

If you have another printed material that will go together with our product (i.e. you have a flyer and we will be making you a business card) it is always prudent to send us your printed piece so that we can match the two color on the two items as close as possible. The last thing you want is a red flyer with an orange card, when they were supposed to be the same color.


What is the difference between PMS match colors and four-color process (a.k.a full color process)?

PMS (a.k.a spot color) is a single color that is mixed at the printer's plant according to a Pantone formula. Process color is a color printed using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to reproduce a certain tone. For instance, to print a dark green with process, the printer would print an image with 100% cyan (solid cyan) and 100% yellow (solid yellow)

The main thing to keep in mind is this. If you have a color digital photograph or a bitmap file (i.e. jpg, bmp, psd, gif or tiff) then you have to print it using a four-color process. But, not all colors can be printed using four-color process, especially very bright and clean colors (something like a fluorescent green). If you have a certain color to match, you should always try to print it using a spot color (a.k.a PMS color). By using a PMS color you can save money-since only one color is used instead of four-and have exactly the color you want. For Instance, Coca Cola might always want to print their red logo with PMS 185.


Do you accept PC or Mac files?

If you send us EPS files, then there is no difference between Mac or PC formats and we can read either one. The problem between PC and Mac files is fonts. Fonts that display one way on a Mac might not display the same on a PC and at times will not even work.  Again, in order to avoid delays, please send us EPS files with all fonts converted to paths (i.e. outlined). See our tutorial on how to convert fonts to outlines.


What kind of software do you support?

We accept Quark, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Corel Native files as a second alternative to EPS files. We always have the most recent versions of all the above layout programs


What is camera-Ready art?

Before the introduction of computers to the graphics arts industry, most artwork was created by photographing (instead of scanning) a good, clean, black piece of drawing or photograph in order to be printed. The term camera-ready art meant “art that was good enough to be photographed”.  If you have a logo or lineart that is crisp and smooth that needs to be scanned, then you have a piece of “camera-ready art” in your hands. We can scan it for you for free.


If I don’t have art, can I still place an order?

Yes. There are several ways that you can have a promotional magnet even without having artwork ready. First, we can scan any legal material (i.e. not copyrighted). Second we can create design from scratch for you. Finally, we have a large variety of artwork and photo stock that can be used to create just the custom magnet that you want.


How do I send art to Hotpromo?

You can send us digital art via e-mail or ftp. If you are sending a hardcopy or photo to be scanned you can send it by mail or courier to: | 790 W. 40 Highway | Blue Springs MO 64015|


Do you preflight (quality check) my art before you create a proof?

Preflighting is the term used to describe the process of opening you digital artwork file and check it to be sure that we can use it to make your custom magnet. This saves you time and avoids delays in the manufacturing process.  After the preflight, we then will create a proof and send it by e-mail for your approval.


Do you clean or fix bad art?

Bad art is digital art that either was produced at low resolution or was not color separated correctly.

If your art requires minor retouching (less than 1 hour) we will do it for free! Otherwise, we will contact you and request your permission to work on the art. Our art cleanup charge is $30/art.


Do you have more clipart, stock photos and fonts?

Yes! We have over 700,000 stock photos, illustration and fonts that can not all be displayed here in addition to the ones shown in our stock art gallery.

Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will be glad to send you more photos and fonts that match your taste. In fact, we will create a proof with different concepts so that you can pick the best that fits your needs. In addition, we can search for stock photographies for you.


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