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Logo and Art Guidelines
The following specifications have been provided to assist you, your graphics department, or your graphic designer in the preparation of files and logos for art production and product decoration.

Acceptable File Formats


1. Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps file formats) - our preferred file format
2. Other vector programs - files created in CorelDRAW, etc. saved in a generic eps file format

Raster files may incur additional art charges
1. Adobe Photoshop - .psd
2. .tif, .png, .gif or .jpg format

Why Vector Files
There are two types of art files on the computer: Vector (also known as line art) and Raster (also known as bitmap art).

Vector art is made up of lines and curves defined by mathematical objects called vectors. All art must be created as (or converted to) vector for your decorated product. Vector art is resolution independent. Therefore, it can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. IMPORTANT: Text should be converted to outlines, paths or curves. This way, the font suitcase and printer fonts do not need to be sent (often they cannot be sent) to imprint the art. Your art department or graphic designer can convert your file for you.

Raster art is created using a program like Adobe Photoshop or scanned art. A raster image consists of a grid, or bitmap, of small square picture elements known as pixels. Raster images are resolution dependent (set at a fixed resolution). If you send raster art we may be able to use it as a template to convert the art into vector format, however, this will incur additional art charges. (Such art needs to have a minimum resolution of 300 dots per inch or DPI.) It is strongly recommended to avoid images from a web site. We cannot use highly compressed web images (such as .gif or .jpg). Their resolution may be far too low to use for your imprint (usually 72 dots per inch or DPI). IMPORTANT: Saving a Raster (bitmap) file as an .eps file does not convert the file into a Vector file.

Vector versus Raster:





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