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Top of Page Ribbon Ad

Highlight your brand on every page on DistributorCentral’s platform. 
Rotating up to 4 ads per month: $$999


Billboard Ad

Lots of room to tell a story to distributors looking for ideas on ProductCentral.
Rotating up to 4 ads per month: $1499


 Product of the Day

Great way to showcase a new or hot item!  Product of the Day is shown prominently on ProductCentral and receives bonus exposure in the Featured Products ribbon.
Sponsorship of 1 ad per day: $249


 Tile Ads

Economical way to reach distributors on every page on DistributorCentral’s platform.
Rotating up to 8 ads per month: $599

Banner Ads

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Monthly Themes


  • January: Healthcare/Fitness
  • February: Spring Trends
  • March: Golf
  • April: Outdoor/Summer Fun
  • May: American Made
  • June: Travel
  • July: Back to School
  • August: Sports/Spirit Gear
  • September: Closeout
  • October: Holiday Gifts
  • November: Tradeshow Giveaways
  • December: Show Specials


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