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Product Placement



Pick your top products that you are already actively marketing.

In marketing, repetition is key. Distributors are more liekely to click on your product if this is not the first time that they have seen it. Cooridinating your marketing campaigns across multiple channels will make your advertising dollars reach further.


Make sure your products are optimized.

Optimizing your product data with effective product names, descriptions, categories, keywords, bullet points and attributes will help your products be found easier by distributors. Then, addding Product Placement dollars to those optimized products will super charge them in the search results! Ultimately you will need to spend less on Product Placement to reach the same results, allowing you to spend the same budget accross more products. Optimizing your product data also helps end-users buy your products on distributors' websites.


Test your product placement.

Using the Product Placeent Manager, enter your top keywords to see how your products fall naturally in the search results. Modify the amount of Product Placement dollars that are on the product, and conduct the search again to see how the edits influence the search results.


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