Want to know why you should choose Executive Line?

We already know why we are a great choice as a supplier, but we thought it might be helpful if a few of our featured distributors shared their experiences with you. Take a look at what they have to say about why they choose Executive Line.


"Prompt service, great communication, quality product."

Years in business: 15
Types of businesses as customers: large corporations, universities, local and state agencies
Executive Line product purchased: WF1300 Wet Film Gauge

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"Quality, price and your excellent customer service."

Years in business: 34
Types of businesses as customers: all types - any business or organization
Executive Line products purchased: 600-17 Custom 6" Pocket Ruler, 1045 Caliper, 1019 Drill Gauge, 802AB Screw Gauge

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"Your line of metal rulers has no equal."

Years in business: 39
Types of businesses as customers: largest clients are University of Georgia and Georgia Tech
Executive Line product purchased: 600-50 Custom 6" Pocket Ruler

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"You folks offer great service and timely production."

Years in business: 34
Types of businesses as customers: colleges, hospitals, hospices, aluminum companies
Executive Line product purchased: 600-16 Custom 6" Pocket Ruler

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"Executive Line is the best manufacturer of custom metal nameplates!"

Years in business: 50+
Types of businesses as customers: Powersports and RV industry, small & large companies, non-for-profits
Executive Line product purchased: custom nameplate

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"You are the best. You supplied what we needed, on time."

Years in business: 40
Types of businesses as customers: manufacturers and distribution companies
Executive Line products purchased: 6509 Thread Gauge, 600 Custom 6" Pocket Rulers, WF1300 Wet Film Gauges, 1045A Calipers, and more

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"Precision is very important to these customers [and] your work is precise!"

Years in business: 8
Types of businesses as customers: schools, manufacturing, retail, non-profits, financial, hospitality, fitness
Executive Line product purchased: 600-18 Custom 6" Pocket Rulers

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"You have great, quality products."

Years in business: 22
Types of businesses as customers: large and small companies, schools, mom and pop small companies
Executive Line product purchased: 700 Series 6" Ruler

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"...your quick response to my inquiry, the quality of your product and your pricing was great."

Years in business: 13
Types of businesses as customers: all sizes and industries
Executive Line product purchased: WF1300 Wet Film Gauge

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